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The Lemon Drop Lounge is a place where you are going to learn CRAZY and AMAZING things about essential oils. I simply CAN NOT wait!  Essential Oils have changed my family’s life and I TOTALLY know they will do the same for you. Are you as excited as I am???? Get ready for it to rock your world.

So who are we and how did we get here? Well, here are three stories for you to read to help you understand how this whole crazy, amazing and total God-thing came together. The three of us put our heads and abilities together and the Lemon Drop Lounge website was born. We hope you’ll take ownership of this site as well and use it as a resource to grow, learn, share and become a part of something BIG!

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moniqueHey there! So I’m me, Monique. Wow. Ummm, what to tell you about me. Let’s see. I love the Lord a WHOLE huge ton. Really, He’s pretty amazing and TOTALLY rocks my world. I am CRAZY in love with my husband, Jeremiah, I call him Jer and you can too, really, you can. We have been married 14 years and that’s just crazy, because that makes us sound old, and we are SO not old. We have two girls, Alyssa (12), well, she will be 12 in May, she forced me to say she was already 12….and Alayna (10), she had no special requests for what to say about her. We have two lab dogs. (both girls) and a bunny (yet another girl), my hubby has no hope.

This whole essential oil thing. Oh, I was blindsided by it. Ummm, like it hit me upside the head and knocked me out and the next thing I know I’m throwing out medicines and food in my cabinets and I’m making my own deodorant and toothpaste, really, like freaky stuff….stuff you see people do on those TLC episodes, like, “Help, My Mom Has Been Abducted By Essential Oil Aliens”. You know you watch those TLC shows. Anyway, long story short (I can be long winded), I feel in love. NEVER thought I would dive into the business realm of this, but the Lord saw differently. He is so sneaky like that, you have to watch Him. He has this funny way of realizing His plans are so much better than the silly ones we make.

I could really talk an hour about how all this came about, but I need to wind this thing up. It’s just GOD. PERIOD. Like TOTALLY shake your head and just be like WOW Lord, you are awesome. He blows my mind daily. I love what I do. I’m living my dream. I’m working with AMAZING people and it’s my mission to have EVERYONE I know be using essential oils…I pray that this site inspires you. I pray it shows you ways to use these oils so you can experience the same benefits my family is experiencing. I pray you aren’t fearful and skeptical like I once was, that your eyes will be opened. I’m telling you, I was the BIGGEST skeptic out there….I’m glad my eyes were opened. Come join the journey…will you?

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lindsayI’m Lindsay Moreno. I live in Seattle, Washington (which you’re more than welcome to pronounce like waRshington, if you so choose).

I love Jesus, my family and friends, my Canon 5D MarkII, pedicures, my iPhone, a perfectly cooked steak, the color purple (the actual color, not the movie, folks), comedy movies of all types, hot drinks, chinese food, the Fall, traditions, sweet tea and my EO’s. I have a special relationship with my iMac and photoshop…I’m sure it borders on unhealthy at times! My husband pretends not to notice! Speaking of my husband, He’s pretty magic, himself! His name is Michael and together we raise 3 little daughters (4-year-old identical twins, Boston & Teagan, and a 2-year-old, Kennedy) whom we adore. We are loud and crazy, but we have a lot of fun.

Monique is a long-time friend of mine (you should hear our story one day…seriously, it was a path laid out by God, himself) and when she introduced me to essential oils and I was a) skeptical and b) not prepared for the transformation that was about to take place in my life. In a whirlwind of a month, I became a full-blown lemon dropper. I mean to tell you what. I can’t shut up about essential oils and well, that’s just okay by me. It’s not just the oils that have created a new “something” in my life, it’s the business of sharing them. If you had told me last year that I’d be spending 90% of my online time educating, talking about and taking orders for essential oils, I would have laughed in your face. The multi-level thing is so yick. I love YL and I love the lemon droppers because we do things differently. I’m not chasing people down, I’m not hocking something useless and off-brand. I’m literally bringing new joy and health to the people that I know and you know, that paycheck sure ain’t bad!

I have loved coming together with Monique and Kelli to create a place that we can all call our own. It’s a community of people that do things differently than everybody else. I love the Lemon Drop Lounge for it’s ability to reach people that might not have given essential oils a try otherwise. I’m so happy to be in this place and working with this group of women.

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kelliHey Y’all! I’m Kelli and I was born and raised in Sweet Home Alabama.  I have traveled a lot, thought of a million places I would love to live but my heart will always be here.  I love my husband, Les, and have been blessed with two pretty terrific girlie girls, Anna Kate who is 13 and Abbie who is 5. We also have one sweet baby boy, Elijah waiting on us in Heaven.  I can promise you, essential oils were NEVER  on my radar. I have been a DIY blogger, obsessed with restoring furniture for as long as I can remember and had high hopes of being a freelance writer for HGTV or magazines like Junk Market Style.  However, God had plans of his own. His thoughts and ways are quite different than ours.  Needless to say, things took a SIGNIFICANT turn in another direction and here I am, promoting, educating, and writing about essential oils.  Even typing this, I still cannot believe it, and I wouldn’t change one thing!

So how did I get here? In November of 2011, I was in a desperate situation with my daughters severe eczema. She walked into the room with shorts on, and Y’ALL, I about fainted, no joke. The backs of her legs from mid thigh to mid calf were swollen, purple, red and hard. Open wounds were all over them and I could tell that infection had already set it. I knew that if I took her in they would put her on more steroids, more antibiotics and more creams and can I tell you, I was SICK of that. Every time I would give her a steroid pill or put that stuff on her skin knowing the side effects and knowing what it could potentially create long term made me ill. I called my friend Crystal whose husband is a nurse practitioner and she introduced me to young living. Over the course of  a week, using Melrose Oil,  Rose Ointment and epsom salt baths, the infection was gone and she began to clear. SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. I ordered the Everyday 9 kit and the rest is history. Using these oils have not only helped with our eczema maintenance but they have also opened my family up to a whole new world of healthy eating and living a chemical free lifestyle.  My husband has lost 30 pounds and has been able to control allergies with lavender , I have lost 15,  Anna Kate who has lived a life since she was two on steroids, antibiotics, asthma and allergy meds is now of ALL prescription and over the counter meds. She has even lost her “steroid belly” and feels so much more confident.

I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing group of women, sharing my love for Essential oils. I can’t wait to get to know you all better. I am confident that the Lord will build lasting relationships through this group.


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An important part of what we do here at the Lemon Drop Lounge is allow a space for people to ask questions, learn, grow and interact with one another. We do that by way of facebook group! I’m pretty sure that there’s nobody in all the land that knows as much about essential oil or is as passionate about educating others about them as Crystal Burchfield. Crystal oversees the education department of the Lemon Drop Lounge and is the administrator of the facebook group. She’s so knowledgeable, folks, so use her and ask her tons of questions! Here’s a little more about Crystal:

crystalCrystal Burchfield is a daughter of the King of Kings, married for 15 years to the love of her life, mother of four children living the “simple life” in the heartland of Missouri. It’s a beautiful, messy, busy, fun life set in the rural countryside. She has a passion for education, research, and learning. She spends her days teaching her children, and some evenings coaching, mentoring, and teaching others health and wellness, which is so important to her as she and her family have been down some long, dark, scary roads with health issues and she was healed and given a new lease on life. Young Living Essential Oils has opened up doors to help others with her family’s amazing testimonies that she never would have walked through otherwise.


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